9 November 2023

SAMF Data Lab 2023-24 Digital Infrastructure Research Grant

The SAMF Data Lab has funds available for social science researchers within the University of Copenhagen for the creation and support of research infrastructure- such as databases, register data, as well as the establishment of corpora and development of research tools, or data intensive, innovative social science research. There will be three rounds of funding: 150000 DKK, 150000 DKK, and 200000 DKK. It is likely that 3-5 grants will be awarded per round, so that, for example, 150000 DKK would be split between 3-5 awards in the first round.


500000 DKK available total in 3 rounds of funding:

150000 DKK: Deadline to Apply Dec 4th 2023

150000 DKK: Deadline to Apply Feb 5th 2024

200000 DKK: Deadline to Apply Apr 1st 2024

The initial round will be judged by a panel of two KU researchers, Frederik Hjorth and Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen. Grant recipients from the first round may be asked to serve on subsequent assessment committees.


The purpose of this funding is to create and support research infrastructure within the social sciences at the University of Copenhagen OR to fund data intensive social science research that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Research infrastructure could include creation of databases, purchases of register data, establishment of corpora, development of research and analysis tools, and other projects that increase research potential and output within the social sciences. The funds can not be used for buyout or salary of researchers (but could be used to hire student assistants).

Applicants for the Carlsberg Research Infrastructure grant can also apply for this grant for the same project, with the understanding that if they do receive the Carlsberg grant, they will notify the Data Lab and no longer be eligible to receive funds from this Data Lab funding opportunity for that project.

How to Apply

Apply via a one page template, completed in English. The application (completed template) should be sent to Joseph Burgess at datalab@samf.ku.dk by the deadline of Monday, December 4th 2023.

Process\Proposed Timeline

Shortly after the deadlines to submit for each round, an interdisciplinary committee of SAMF researchers will assess and decide which applicants to allocate funding to based on the completed applications/templates. Applicants will be notified by the end of December 2023. Applications from previous rounds do not automatically carryover: researchers who are not awarded funds in the first round will need to decide to apply again for the second and third rounds. Researchers awarded funds will commit to a brief presentation of their work, even if ongoing, in Fall 2024. Grant recipients from the first round may be asked to serve on subsequent assessment committees.

Data Lab and Funding

This grant program is funded by the UCPH Data Science Program, a strategic initiative to improve researchers’ digital skills and usage of digital data sources. The Data Lab is hosted by the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), which brings together researchers from all departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

If you have any questions, please write to Data Lab Team Leader Joseph Burgess: datalab@samf.ku.dk.