The Faculty of Social Sciences Data Lab (SAMF Data Lab) is a resource for all faculty researchers interested in social data science or better use and management of social science data. We strive to help researchers make novel scientific contributions by enhancing the accessibility and quality of social data science research, as well as facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations across the faculty.

We build research capacity at the Faculty of Social Sciences by offering numerous services to researchers:

The Data Lab is staffed by a small team of staff and students who offer support throughout the research pipeline. We help researchers with issues such as:

  • Identifying opportunities for using data science in research projects
  • Creation of data resources and databases to benefit the broader research community
  • Data archival and storage solutions, internally or externally
  • Digital data collection, such as scraping social media platforms
  • Data management and GDPR
  • Filling out data management plans
  • Working with unstructured data, including text and images
  • Applying advanced analytics, such as machine learning, natural language processing and network analysis
  • Visualizing and interpreting results

The Data Lab also serves as a hub to facilitate interdisciplinary research collaboration. We engage with a strong network of researchers across the Faculty of Social Sciences who are interested in data science and can help identify potential collaborations.

SAMF Data Lab officially launched at the start of 2021. The Data Lab was previously funded by the UCPH Data Science Program, a strategic initiative to improve researchers’ digital skills and usage of digital data sources. The Data Lab is hosted by the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), which brings together researchers from all departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Other Data Labs and Centers

Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS)

The Data Lab is hosted by the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS). SODAS recently launched a new MSc Program in Social Data Science and regularly hosts Data Discussions and other events.

KUB-Data Lab

The Copenhagen University Library Data Lab provides guidance and courses primarily for students working with data.

SC Data Lab

The Southern Campus Data Lab services the Faculty of Humanities, The Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Theology.

SUND Data Lab

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Data Lab is hosted by the Center for Health Data Science.

The Data Science Lab

The Data Science Lab services UCPH SCIENCE and is hosted by the Department of Mathematical sciences and the Department for Computer Science.

UCPH IT Datalab

The UCPH IT Datalab is part of the UCPH IT Research Support section, which provides guidance and/or support on the national High Performance Computing facilities, and provides other services as well. You can contact the UCPH IT Datalab via Serviceportal