Intro to NVivo

NVivo - Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) (English) In-Person

Co-hosted by the Social Sciences Data Lab and KUB Data Lab

Monday April 24th at 1PM, Room 1.1.12

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Introduction to NVivo; a program which is a great help when you are working with qualitative data analysis.

NVivo can be useful, if you want to organise and/or code your empirical material or literature. It can also be helpful when you want to transcribe audio- or video files, generate hypotheses etc.

The PC version of NVivo has more functionality than the Mac version, but you can participate in all exercises with either and we will demonstrate in both.

Prior to the course, you must install the newest version of NVivo on your laptop. Registration key is available through the UCPH Software Library.

Please note: We are working on the latest version of NVivo, which in the Software Library is called "NVivo 13 for Windows" and "NVivo for Mac M1chip" respectively (you do not need an M1 chip, however).

We also ask you to complete a set of introductory exercises before course start, that you can read about HERE.

To RSVP, email